Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CHUTON -friendship- by ~maxtodie

Chibi Unknown skeleTON

:bulletred: Chax : Fire Chuton (like a dog/RED)
owner : Max

:bulletblue: Fich : Ice/Water Chuton (like a walrus/BLUE)
owner : Lich

:bulletyellow: Bric : Thunder Chuton (like a bird/YELLOW)
owner : Eric

:bulletgreen: Lifa : Plant Chuton (like a brontosaurus/GREEN)
owner : Fafa

suddenly CHAX look sad :(, he feel useless, because he cant be a ride to his owner (Max). And the other Chuton (FICH, BRIC, and LIFA) try to cheer up CHAX :).

-sorry for my bad English-

i hope you like it :D

you can see the owner (Max, Eric, Lich, and Fafa) on Collaboration with :iconsleepingpasa:.... COMING SOON

tool AI CS3


robbyanandya said...

Bang , Tolong buatin Design Sweater yg belakangnya gambar Cartoon yg Keren bisa Gak ?

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